Used Machines

Used Machines


Second hand BabyKEG - 2015

Second hand Semi automatic cleaning machine for all kegs and beverage containers - 

Up to 20 keg/h

Year of manufacture 2015 - 6 months warranty

Very good condition - very little used 


Price: Euro 12.000,-

Second hand Bottle and can filler FF 2/14

Second Hand Semi automatic bottle (0.33 liter - 2.0 liter) and 5.0 liter PartyKeg

Up to 200 bottles/h   Up to 80 partykeg/h

Completely serviced and with 6 months warranty


Price: Euro 19.500,-

Bottle filler FF 1/17 - ON STOCK

Semi automatic bottle (0.33 liter - 3.0 liter) and 5.0 liter PartyKeg

Up to 100 bottles/h   Up to 40 partykeg/h

Complete filling line available from July 2022

Used fully automatic bottle and can filler with 6 filling stations

- with grain coker ø26mm and ø29mm

- Self adhesive labeler

- Thermal transfer printer for date

For automatic filling of 0.33 to 2.0 liter bottles and 5 liter PartyKeg

AFD6 up to 900 bottles/h and 200 PartyKeg/h

fully automatic KEG-machine - 50-60 Keg/h

fully automatic KEG-machine, Capacity: 50-60 Keg/h

PRice after request

Wood Barrels and Cask Filler

second hand semi automatic Wood Barrels and Cask Filler (


Outside Cask cleaner

Outside Cask cleaner

with rotating brushes

Price on request

Semiautomatic keg outside cleaning with brush

Semiautomatic keg outside cleaning with brush 

up to 30-40Keg/h 



What we are known for?

  • Founded know-how since 1979
  • Handwork with family tradition
  • Plant understanding and interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Customer-specific planning and execution
  • Functional and user-friendly
  • Compact systems based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Pre-emptive use of standard components is a guarantee for good spare parts availability
  • Compact systems directly from the manufacturer


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