Sour mash

Lactic fermented wort
Sour mash production

Sour mash - Lactic fermented wort

automatic micro sour mash system in collaboration work with  

- Stiegl-Gut Wildshut – Austria's first beer good

- Firma Bürkert - Fluid Control Systems

- Firma Alfred Gruber Gmbh



- Sour goods made from wort (closed system)
- Simple and user-friendly SIMATIC touch panel
- The heating, fermentation and cooling processes are automatically controlled via temperature and conductivity
- Optimal for 10hl - 30hl brewery
- Combined heating / cooling circuit
- Ferment via 2 external heating or cooling jackets (cone and frame)
- Checked preset process temperatures
- Gentle and flexible temperature control depending on the process step
- CO2 exposure inhibits the multiplication of mold and aerobic germs in the ferment
- Conductivity meter and a Pt100 protrudes into the inside of the tank and thus prevents the   risks of product contamination
- The cylinder-conical design of the tank, which makes it possible to drain excess inactive cells at any time



Technical specifications:

- Siemens control and touch panel
- Independent and self-controlling   program sequence  
- Simple operation and self-explanatory parameter input  
- 110l ZKG tank with cone and jacket cooling  
- Two sight glasses on the tank
- Conductance probe  
- PT 100 sensor  
- Heating and cooling the tank as required
- Control of the process  
- Safety valve  
- CO2 bottle holder  
- If necessary, the plant can be used as yeast propagation


What we are known for?

  • Founded know-how since 1979
  • Handwork with family tradition
  • Plant understanding and interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Customer-specific planning and execution
  • Functional and user-friendly
  • Compact systems based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Pre-emptive use of standard components is a guarantee for good spare parts availability
  • Compact systems directly from the manufacturer


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