MiniKEG EF - Semi automatic Keg filling machine and one way keg


Capacity: 50-60 KEG/h


  • with standard filling head
  • completely in stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • Keg-Filling with automatic stop
  • for all fitting types and for one way kegs (NO KeyKeg)
  • with magnetic flow meter
  • steam able
  • all parameters changeable
  • Siemens S7 PLC system and FESTO pneumatic
  • exhaust speed control with two vent valves (different pressure controled)
  • Very low oxygen consumption (for stainless steel keg and one way keg)
  • For keg filling of beer, wine or other beverages
  • 100% foam-free filling - fully automatic pressure control during the filling
  • Automatically Controlled differential pressure filling
  • Installation components exclusively from well-known manufacturers
  • 7 different keg sizes storage able and dependent Co2 purging times


  • Siemens PLC and control panel
  • Festo components and valves
  • with control and monitoring display
  • digital text display to indicate program steps
  • two hand safety control start
  • automatic pressure control before filling of Co2 and beer


  • conversion kit for other fitting systems
  • integrated CIP tanks (steam or electric heating)
  • pressure regulator for steam and Co2
  • hot water rinsing of the filling head area (after filling)
  • also available for KombiKEG and KEGmatic

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