Micro-Brewery KB50

Micro Brewery KB50


Brew house:
Cold water and 400V
LxBxH 1500x750x900 mm

Mash kettle

  • Completely in stainless steel (AISI 403)
  • Mash kettle 70 liter total content
  • Agitator with built from the ground
  • With electric floor heating
  • Butterfly valve drain DN32
  • Bracket and protective tube for PT100 sensors
  • Insulation around the brew kettle

Lauter tun

  • Completely in stainless steel (AISI 403)
  • Lauter tun 70l total content
  • With 4 feet to stand on the frame
  • Slotted hole - false bottom with handle bar
  • Butterfly valve DN32 for lautering
  • Pipe for lautering DN15
  • Hand chopping knife
  • All Components are Industrie Standards
  • Base from complete made in stainless steel and the brew house
  • Complete CIP able system, from the mash kettle to the wort cooler and back
  • Stainless steel brew kettle, 70 liters insulated
  • Stainless steel lauter tun, 70 liters; optioanlly insulated
  • Wort pump with stainless steel housing
  • Wort cooler, single-stage made of stainless steel with hop sieve
  • Control cabinet made of stainless steel
  • Including additional accessories for brewing beer

Built-in components

  • Control cabinet made of stainless steel with temperature controller
  • Switch for mash heating, mash pump and boiler
  • Wort cooler (single-stage) made of stainless steel (soldered version) with hop sieve
  • 50l hot water boiler
  • Mash and squeeze pump with stainless steel housing and special impeller
  • Including additional accessories for brewing (hoses, spindle, spent shovel, etc.)


  • Stainless steel hot water boiler
  • additional fermentation tanks, pressure tanks and ZKG's
  • Cooling units with control for main and secondary fermentation
  • 2-stage wort cooler - screwed version
  • Siemens touch panel for automatic mashing, boiling and hopping
  • Frequency converter for mash pump
  • Insulation and cooler bags for lauter tuns to use it for fermentation tank
  • Control and cooling device for fermentation
  • Stainless steel or copper hoods with extractor hood extraction

Technical changes reserved!

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