Bottle filler FF 1/17

FF 1/17 - Semi automatic bottle and partykeg filler


Capacity: 80 / 100 Bottles/h (0.5l bottle)
70 / 90 Bottles/h (1.0l bottle)
60 / 80 Bottles/h (2.0l bottle)
30 / 40 Partykegs/h (5.0l partykeg)

Exclusive in this segment

  • Teflon membrane for product valve and all valves not in contact with product
  • Teflon membrane also in the 0-100% automatic adjustable exhaust valve
  • Filling block seals with an extremely long service life - no technician required for replacement!


  • Completely in stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • Mobile base frame with two wheels
  • Cabinet switch completely in stainless steel
  • One pneumatic filling device with all valves attached
  • Filling device optimized for best cleaning result (without any electric valve)
  • Changeable filling tube for different bottles
  • Flow meter for accurate filling quantity
  • Easy adjustable vent valve to control flow rate
  • Container-dependent exhaust air control for setting the filling speed (per bottle size)
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge for product
  • Safety glass door at the front
  • Bottle neck centering before filling tube
  • Maintenance free pneumatic lifting-cylinder
  • CO2 pressure regulator (max 3.0 bar)
  • Pressure regulating valve for adjusting the contact pressure
  • Product and CIP line DN25
  • LED lighting in filling area
  • Adapter for machine internal cleaning and program
  • For all customary bottles from 0.33 - 3.0l, also 5.0l partykeg
  • 8 filling quantities, filling speed and times storable
  • Maximum height of container = 350 mm
  • Long tube filler, filling tube exchangeable
  • Automatically filling process with flow meter
  • Single or double CO2 purging before filling
  • Very very low absorption of oxygen
  • User-friendly control system
  • Turn key delivery of machine
  • All seals made in PFTE (Teflon) on the filling unit


  • Festo pneumatic
  • Siemens color touch display and Siemens plc system
  • Full automatic program process
  • 8 adjustable filling quantity
  • Operation controls at the front
  • Text display to indicate program step
  • Program for internal filler cleaning


  • Keg filling via bottle filler
  • Magnetic flow meter, steamable
  • Exhaust air control "fast" for higher capacity
  • Partykeg capper with hot water injection

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